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." >> we'll take all you guys with us. >> love that stuff. long as we are fantasizing, why not? elton john has appendicitis. yeah, he is on a tour. yeah, suffering from appendicitis. does require surgery according to a spokesman. talked to abc news. the award winning singer has canceled all upcoming shows and headlining concert friday at london music festival. quote is, elton is disappointed to postpone these dates. he made super human efforts to continue to perform through his illness. it confirms his dedication to his european fans. made efforts to perform through his illness. he is 66. fell ill touring after scans they found it was an appendix issue. take antibiotics and undergo surgery in the next few weeks. hopefully be back on tour. >> we wish him well. >> yes, we do. >> we told you yesterday about mariah carey, rushed to the hospital. she was on the shoot of the remix of her video "beautiful" and she fell. dislocated her shoulder. had to be rushed to the hospital. getting a little more information. her rep said it wasn't a big deal. there is a picture, her at the hospital. >> looks
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1